Open Positions

Expression of Interest

We welcome expressions of interest from researchers at any level of academic seniority (PhDs, postdocs, and professors). We would encourage you to get in touch with us if you are interested in law & governance of AI, synthetic biology, institutional design or meta-research – in particular from a longtermist perspective. At the moment, we especially want to encourage senior-level legal researchers (postdoc or higher) who are already familiar with longtermism to reach out.

Our Culture


Our mission is at the core of everything we do. We care deeply about protecting the interests of future generations and preserving the long-term potential of humanity. We work backwards from these long-term goals to prioritize the projects that we think are most promising and impactful.


We constantly strive to communicate as transparently as possible, both internally and externally. We leave our egos at the (virtual) door and discuss ideas openly and honestly, letting the best ideas win. Honest criticism and feedback are both welcome and expected.


We think globally. We aim to give all people and sentient beings equal consideration, across all jurisdictions and cultures. Our staff is spread around the world.

Warm, kind, and supportive

For most teammates, LPP is their main life project. We believe it is vital to have people on board with whom we genuinely love working. We aim to create a remarkably friendly work atmosphere.


We use evidence and careful analysis to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. We reason from first principles and value insights from a range of disciplines.


We are a team of givers who go above and beyond to support each other and share knowledge and feedback.

Working with us

The Legal Priorities Project is a nonprofit research organization that conducts and supports legal research that focuses on the protection of future generations and the long-term future. Though we are incorporated in the US, we are a global organization with staff based in multiple countries. Our team enjoys:

  • A fully remote work environment and flexible working hours
  • Attractive salaries
  • Five weeks of paid vacation, plus public holidays
  • An annual stipend for professional development and home office expenses
  • A friendly, open work culture that encourages feedback, collaboration, and
  • Support from our networks, operational assistance, and strategic help throughout the research process from planning to editing and publication.

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